When Fido Goes Nano

Want to make sure your pet is experiencing top-of-the-line cutting-edge care?

Have no fear! A Connecticut-based company, Nano Pet Products, LLC, has expanded it's distribution of cleaner and healthier pet products worldwide and partnered with one of Canada's largest pet supply distributors, Anipet Animal Supplies Inc. The Dog Gone Smart (TM) products range from dog beds to crate pads to apparel are enhanced with NanoSphere (R) technology, which makes fabric resistant to stain, oil, and liquid. The technology also inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria while leaving the natural flora of your pet's skin unaffected.

Source: Nano Pet Products, LLC Expands Distsribution Into Canada to Meet Increased Demand for Its Revolutionary Nanotechnology-Based Pet Products Dog Gone Smart

Armor of the Future -- Fish Scales?

Imagine living in a world with fearsome predators - large fearsome predators with sharp teeth, claws, and spiked tails! To survive, the Polypterus senagelus fish evolved special armor scales to protect itself during territorial fighting and feeding. Today, these fish can be found at the bottom of freshwater, muddy shallows and estuaries in Africa. The scales protect the quarrelsome fish from the bites of its fellow fish, as well as predators, and are the new hot topic in designing the armor of the future. U. S. researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been studying the light, multilayered design of the Polypterus senegalus and have finally figured out how it works!

The scales are layered on top of each other so that the pressure of a crunching enemy bite is deflected. And when cracks do occur, they don't travel far! The clever design of the scales forces cracks to run in a circle instead of spreading throughout. This allows the puncture wound to be localized and kept to a minimum. Scientists and researchers hope to incorporate this clever design into lightweight and effective human armor systems.

Source: Fish scales may point to armor of the future