Itty bitty bit

Scientists at IBM report that they are able to store data on the smallest set of atoms ever.  They can store a bit of data on just 12 atoms.  Probably not ready for your thumb drive (or even your pinkie drive) this new approach will still lead to revolutionary ways of thinking about storing data.  The new approach uses an antiferromagnetic structure which means the atoms point in opposite directions.  Because of that they can also pack a lot more of them together.  The work uses the scanning tunneling microscope which was invented at IBM 30 years ago and used to create the famous IBM logo spelled out with just 35 atoms.

All we need are nano-hamsters

This showed up on one of the nano RSS feeds.  It has nothing to do with nano but it is funny and clever.  In the quest for renewable energy why not harness the energy hamsters expend running around their wheels.  There are hamster-powered floor cleaners, nanogenerators and my favorite a hamster-powered submarine.  It isn't exactly clear how much you have to feed the hamster and how much energy you get, but they are cute.

A dog's best friend

Right! Man's best friend, the dog, now has his/her own best friend, 'Dirty Dog, Door Mat'.  A nanotech inspired product that according the manufacturer:
"Dog Gone Smart's Dirty Dog Doormat is based on its Advanced Microfiber Technology that entraps dirt, mud and water immediately. The doormat made of microfiber strands provides a super-sponge effect. It can soak up to seven folds of its mass in water and mud and dries five folds quicker when compared to the other doormats. The machine-washable doormat finds application in water and food bowls, under litter boxes, crates and cars."