How smart are your drawers?

Smart phones, smart refrigerators, how about smart underwear? Researchers at University of California-San Diego have been making boxer shorts with tiny sensors that can measure biomarkers that are found in sweat. Biomarkers like glucose, lactic acid are all important things to measure. The sensors are made of tiny flexible electrodes that are tucked under the waist band and they can measure stress or performance levels. This is important for athletes or soldiers or perhaps even you?.  The researchers are working with their colleagues at Clarkson University, no word if they are available in colors or just plain white.

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Nano tattoo

Scientists at MIT have developed a tattoo that can measure the amount of sugar in your blood.  Read more about it in the upcoming issue of Nanooze due out in July 2010.

calling Nemo

Communicating underwater is tough since sound waves travel differently in water than in air. Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have discovered that sheets of carbon nanotubes can act as speakers 100x more effectively than they predicted. The carbon nanotubes are very hydrophobic (meaning they don't like water) so there is a very thin layer of air which helps transmit sound. Maybe in the future you can call up a fish for dinner.
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