Plants do it already

Plants are able to generate energy using photosynthesis. It is kind of the same general idea as what solar cells do except instead of generating electricity, plants generate chemical energy and store it for later use. Scientists have taken tobacco and by genetic engineering started to assemble the pieces that would be needed to make plants into solar energy generators.  Still a long way away from their ultimate goal, the idea of using plants is neat and could be a more ecofriendly way of producing solar power.  Some time you might be able to plant your own solar cells and power that iPod.
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Your brain as a mold.

You see them all the time. On bread left around for a while, between your toes. Molds. Dumb fuzzy things. Well not really. Scientists in Japan have taken tiny bits of food and made a map that was just like Japan. Then they took a blob of mold and put it in one place and watched the mold grow. It grew out looking for the food and creating a network that looked kind of like a communications or a transportation network. All without a central brain.  Want to read all about it;327/5964/419