Forget about the TV, remote control the worm

Every want to have a little critter that you could direct like a remote control car?  Scientists at the University of Buffalo have put tiny nanoparticles into the worm Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans because nobody wants to pronounce "Caenorhabditis").  These particles can heat up different parts of the worm and cause them to recoil.  The localized heating opens channels that permit calcium to flow into the cells and that causes the worms to react.

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Don't blow your gasket

But if you do, there is a product to fix that. The people at CRC who make a lot of different products to fix your car have a new product to fix gaskets. Normally if you blow a gasket in a car engine you have to take everything apart and replace the gasket. This stuff apparently eliminates that problem "Using Nanotechnology, this product fills in cracks and crevices other products can't, making a stronger, more solid bond that's permanently hardened to the surface area." Nanooze hasn't tried this but hey nanotechnology saves the day (again).