The Longest Carbon Nanotubes You've Ever Seen!

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have grown the world's longest carbon nanotube arrays using new techniques. These nanotubes are still a little less than 2 centimeters long (which you might think is a little short), but they are 900,000 times longer than its diameter! That is really long!

To grow these tiny tubes, researchers use a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techique with a new substrate and catalyst. Using a special furnace called the EasyTube 3000, carbon atom vapors are created and start the growth of tubes. These carbon nanotube fibers are longer, stronger, and can conduct electricity better than traditional materials like copper. We can use these nanotubes in lots of different things, such as using them in smart fabrics to make smart clothes or combatting cancer or building an elevator to space!

Source: The Longest Carbon Nanotubes You've Ever Seen!

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