An answer to mankind's most pressing problem.

Odour tags made by Odegon Technology
Maybe underarm odor isn't the most pressing problem to the planet what with global warming and hunger but it isn't something to be ignored.  Especially when nanotechnology has a solution.  'Odour tags' (the British spelling) are placed in garments and supposed to stay there forever.  So where is the nano?  In the nanoporous activated carbon that is in the pads.  They soak up the stink by the stinking chemical binding to the carbon through very weak but effective bonds,  leaving you odor (or odour)-free.   The company that makes them claims they can be washed or dried so I suppose you can get one for every shirt you have.  Activated carbon isn't new, it was discovered by the British Ministry of Defence (aka Defense) in the 1940's for use in gas masks.  Maybe instead of odour tags we could all just wear gas masks.

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