This stuff resists everything

Some materials just hate water.  They are known as hydrophobic.  Superhydrophobic means they really hate water.  Now there is a new class of materials that really hate everything.  These are superomniphobic.  Scientists at the University of Michigan have made a material that not only repels water but repels oils, solvents and other liquids.  It is so repellant that these liquids literally bounce off the surface.  So what do you do with these superomniphobic materials.  In theory they should resist any kinds of stains, not just those from foods that are water based.  Not quite ready for prime-time, the materials are easily damaged by mechanical treatments like abrasions.  But someday we might not have to worry about getting that stain on our shirt right before a big event.  Look below at a series of pictures showing a liquid bouncing off a superomniphobic surface

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